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Harvest & Cook Conwy Mussels - Tom Jones

By Llandudno-What, 08/03/19

How to Harvest and Cook Conwy Mussels with Tom Jones
Posted by the Recipe Hunters on Youtube 2018

Conwy Mussels!! A fascinating delicacy of Wales! These sustainably sourced mussels are hand raked like they have been for hundreds of years. They have been recognized and rewarded with PDO status (protected designation of origin) as a culturally significant product of Conwy that can only be harvested according to traditional methods in Conwy. We travel to Conwy to learn about the age-old tradition of hand-raking mussels with Tom Jones, a fourth generation Mussel Farmer. We then return to the port where we learn his easy recipe for how to cook mussels. The only place where you can try these tasty delicacies is in Conwy, Wales. A special thanks to Visit Wales (www.visitwales.com) for inviting us to their legendary country! Credit to the talented musicians of Triads for allowing us to use their music, and to soundstripe.com for providing us with a platform to find great music!

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