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1950s Great Orme Trams - Llandudno

By Llandudno-What, 12/04/18

Great Orme Railway North Wales1950s  

Another historic clip from the Huntley Film Archive.

Here's the clip information


Llandudno, North Wales.

Sandwich board on pavement reads 'Coach Tour around Great Orme. Viewing 3 Lighthouses…A Puffin…and the West Shore of Alice in Wonderland' with tour prices.   

Two single decker buses in small bus station.  

Entrance to Great Orme Railway, two women go into the station. People get on the carriage and the conductor helps the ladies.
A man wearing a cap winds the handle on the telephone on the train.

Tram travelling up middle of road, children walk ahead of it.  Road sign reads 'This road is dangerous for motorists'.  

Side shot of tram climbing very steep road, with a woman waiting at the side of the road.

Looking down tracks as tram rounds bend at bottom of hill and starts the climb towards us.  

The tram shed with lots of steam escaping, a car is parked outside.  

From inside shed at top we see a tram start the journey downhill.

More workings.  Carriage number 7 pulls away from us as a passenger waves.

On the seaside road a woman waits to cross the road and a single decker bus pulls to a stop.  

A kiosk on the seafront advertises Lollies and Ices.

Another bus passes a telephone box and turns a corner.

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