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Video Discussion: 1969 Cabin Lift & Trams British Pathe Llandudno

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thisis the films number ok.... 17

Name: 1969 Cabin Lift & Trams British Pathe Llandudno
Category: Llandudno Historic
Date Added: 2018-03-10
Submitter: Llandudno-What

British Pathé visits Llandudno in 1969 and takes a look at the towns Cable Car and Trams, Both on the Great Orme. Llandudno, Wales. 

Summary of takes.

Great Orme, Llandudno. Pan to aerial cabin lift. Showing base of cabin lift.

Lord Mostyn with John Prestland, project manager.

Lord Mostyn and Prestland getting into one of the trams.

Travelling shot taken from tram as it goes up.

Panoramic view of Llandudno from the tram. 

Various shots as the old tram descends Great Orme.

Shot taken from cable car of people waving.

Cable cars moving up and down. 

1969 Cabin Lift & Trams British Pathe Llandudno

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