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Cineworld Films up to 16 March 2017 @ Llandudno



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Cineworld Films up to 16 March 2017 @ Llandudno


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A summary of upcoming films  Llandudno Cineworld cinema via The Link website


An adaptation of the Disney fairy tale about a monstrous-looking prince and a young woman who fall in love.

17 Mar–23 Mar: Fri–Sun 10.45am, 11.30am, 1.45pm, 2.30pm, 4.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.30pm; Mon–Thu 1.45pm, 2.30pm, 4.45pm, 5.30pm & 8.30pm

17 Mar–23 Mar: (3D) Fri–Sun 12.15pm, 3.15pm, 6.15pm & 7.45pm; Mon–Thu 3.15pm, 6.15pm & 7.45pm


Don't Take Me Home

Documentary charting Wales' historic run to the semi-finals of Euro 2016.

12 Mar–16 Mar: Mon, Tue, Thu & Sun 7.40pm


Fifty Shades Darker

No surprises here: Anastasia (Johnson) gets sweet-talked back into the red room by Christian (Dornan). Foley seems to be under orders to skip the actual sex, as the real money shots are of Christian’s wardrobe. Johnson manages to be likeable and human, but otherwise it’s high on production values and short on story.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri 1.45pm & 9.10pm; Sat–Thu 9.10pm


Finding Dory

In the sequel to the much-loved Finding Nemo, annoyingly forgetful Dory goes on an adventure to find her family, crossing three oceans to get to them with Marlon and Nemo just a swish behind her.

11 Mar–12 Mar: Sat 10am & 10am; Sun 10am


Fist Fight

Put-upon English teacher Andy (Day) runs up against short-fused history teacher Strickland (Cube) and is challenged to a fist fight. Uninspiring comedy which dodges any real engagement with race in America; when the blooper reel is as funny as the rest of the film, that’s not good.

12 Mar–16 Mar: Mon–Thu 1pm & 3.20pm; Sun 3.20pm


Free Fire

Boston, 1978: Chris (Murphy) is an IRA member looking to buy guns from Vern (Copley), with the help of go-betweens Justine (Larson) and Ord (Hammer): it soon descends into violence. Copley is very funny and there's some terrific dialogue, but Wheatley's latest sees him fumble the ball, with a threadbare plot that's merely an excuse for a movie-length shoot-out.

15 Mar: Wed 8pm


The Great Wall

Two tough, rascally fighting men (Damon and Pascal, who was Oberyn Martell in Game of Thrones) travel to China, get captured, are beguiled by a warrior princess (Jing) and besieged by beasties. Director Zhang is going for full-on blockbuster: plot and character are less important than spectacular action, Damon is likeable, and it's all spiffing hooey.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri 11.15am; Mon–Thu 1pm


Hidden Figures

The true story of the African-American women who provided NASA with important mathematical data needed to launch its first successful space missions, despite institutionalised segregation in the workplace. The leads are wonderful and it’s an inspiring story about collective triumph.

11 Mar–12 Mar: Sat & Sun 12.30pm


John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick (Reeves) is back, dealing with the global assassins’ network and handing out ass-kickings to all that stand in his way. The original was lean and focused but this stretches over two hours, and the guy was tired of this life prior to part one; maybe it’s time to give him a break.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Mon–Thu 1.15pm; Fri 1.20pm & 9.40pm


Kong: Skull Island

In 1973 a team of scientists goes to explore a recently discovered island with its own ecosystem, which turns out to include a 100-foot-tall ape which can punch helicopters out of the sky. Kong himself is impressive, if his fellow beasts are less so, and a great cast and able direction make this a monstrously entertaining actioner.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri & Sat 11.30am, 2.20pm, 5.10pm, 7pm, 8pm & 9.40pm; Sun 2.20pm, 5.10pm, 7pm & 8pm; Mon 2.20pm, 5.10pm & 8pm; Tue–Thu 2.20pm, 5.10pm, 7pm & 8pm

10 Mar–16 Mar: (3D) Fri–Sun 12.45pm, 3.30pm, 6.15pm & 9pm; Mon–Thu 3.30pm, 6.15pm & 9pm

12 Mar–13 Mar: (Subtitled) Mon 7pm; Sun 11.30am


The Lego Batman Movie

Batman (Arnett) is such a self-absorbed loner that even the Joker (Galifianakis) is peeved that Bats won’t recognise him as his greatest enemy, so the villain constructs a dastardly plot that incorporates every villain he can find, including the Daleks. Packed with gags and inventiveness, it’s tremendous fun.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri 4pm & 5.40pm; Sat & Sun 10.50am, 12.30pm, 1.30pm, 3pm, 4pm & 5.40pm; Mon–Thu 4pm & 5.40pm



The true story of Saroo Brierley, who aged five is separated from his mother and family in India, declared lost and adopted by an Australian couple, only to track his family down years later using Google Earth. Hugely emotional, remarkably assured debut from Davis, with fine performances.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri 5pm; Sat 5.30pm; Sun–Thu 5pm



Grey-haired, boozy and ailing, Logan (Jackman) is caring for the now elderly Charles Xavier (Stewart) when he encounters a young mutant girl, Laura (Keen). A glorious swansong for Wolverine; the world-weary tone, low-key setting and ballsy climax really impress. First class.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri–Sun 11am, 1.10pm, 2.10pm, 4.20pm, 5.20pm, 7.30pm & 8.30pm; Mon–Thu 1.10pm, 2.10pm, 4.20pm, 5.20pm, 7.30pm & 8.30pm



Moana (Carvalho) is a plucky Polynesian girl who revives the voyaging tradition of her island tribe, with the help of buffoonish demigod Maui (Johnson, exuberantly sending himself up.) The unabashed positivity is pure Disney but Bush's zingy screenplay satirises the studio's princess obsession and there's a refreshing lack of a love interest. A spirited, vividly realised and genuinely rousing adventure.

11 Mar–12 Mar: Sat & Sun 10.20am



The story of a young black man growing up, struggling with his sexuality and neglected by his drug-addicted mother. Astutely judged and beautifully humane sophomore feature from Jenkins, with sublime work from the three actors playing the main character (Hibbert, Sanders, Rhodes) and fine support from Ali, Harris and Monáe. Terrific.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri 12.15pm, 3pm & 8.15pm; Sat & Sun 8.15pm; Mon–Thu 3pm & 8.15pm



Koala impresario Buster Moon (McConaughey) decides to save his ailing theatre with a singing competition. Most of the humour comes from cute critters singing occasionally inappropriate songs; the plot is spread far too thin and there no real surprises, but it ticks the usual boxes.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri 4.30pm; Sat & Sun 11.15am, 1.50pm & 4.30pm; Mon–Thu 4.30pm


The Time Of Their Lives

Priscilla (P. Collins) is a neglected housewife who finds herself on coach trip to France with some dotty pensioners, including forgotten film star Helen (J. Collins). The Collinses make an engaging double act and it works best when it goes a little off the rails, but this amiable comedy occasionally feel unfinished.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri 12.30pm & 6.30pm; Sat & Sun 6.30pm; Mon–Thu 1.30pm & 6.30pm



Trolls are cute creatures who love EDM and warm hugs, but they're preyed on by Bergens, toothy monsters who think eating Trolls will bring happiness. Hyperactive buddy movie with dazzling visuals and lots of ditzy fun, but not as fresh or original as some of the competition.

11 Mar–12 Mar: Sat & Sun 10.10am


Viceroy's House

Lord Louis Mountbatten (Bonneville) is to oversee Britain’s withdrawal from India and the ensuing partition, but he and his wife Edwina (Anderson) witness the violence erupting through the country. A below-stairs romance between Dayal and Qureshi is frustratingly insipid and the Indian characters are all unforgivably poorly drawn. Despite some good acting, timid and inert.

10 Mar–16 Mar: Fri 12.20pm, 2.40pm, 5.30pm & 8.10pm; Sat 12.20pm, 2.40pm & 8.15pm; Sun 2.40pm, 5.30pm & 8.15pm; Mon–Thu 2.40pm, 5.30pm & 8.10pm


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