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Shrove Tuesday Crempog Video

Shrove Tuesday Crempog Video cover

Shrove Tuesday/ Pancake Day is almost here and to mark this day we have on offer for you (thanks to Youtube,  Visit Wales and Chef Aaron Broster) a superb instructional video on how to rustle up our very own traditional pancake, known as the Crempog or 'ffroes'
Look in below...



Can check out the Visit Wales website for a Crempog recipe and yet more Crempog info via the link below

Modryb Elin Enog

Os gwelwch chi'n dda ga i grempog?

Cew chithau de a siwgr brown

A phwdin lond eich ffedog

Modryb Elin Enog

Mae 'ngheg i'n grimp am grempog

Mae Mam rhy dlawd i brynu blawd

A Sian yn rhy ddiog i nol y triog

A 'nhad yn rhy wael i weithio

Os gwelwch chi'n dda ga i grempog


Auntie Elin Enog

Please may I have a pancake?

You can have tea and brown sugar

And your apron full of pudding

Auntie Elin Enog

My mouth is parched for pancakes

My mum is too poor to buy flour

And Sian is too lazy to get the treacle

And my father's too sick to work

Please may I have a pancake?

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