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Photomarathon Llandudno 17 June 2017

Photomarathon Llandudno 17 June 2017 cover

Call (Culture Action Llandudno) is holding a Photomarathon Llandudno 17 June 2017

A brief info preview follows below and more details can be found via  http://www.cultureactionllandudno.co.uk/portfolio-posts/photomarathon-llandudno/

'An exciting photography competition comes to Llandudno on 17th June. Participants will be challenged to take 8 photos in 8 hours based on 8 secret topics. Photomarathon is a global phenomenon with competitions held in locations all over the world, including in Berlin, Cape Town, Cardiff, Copenhagen, Madrid, Nairobi, Shenyang, Toronto and now Llandudno.

There are different versions of Photomarathons around the world, but common to them all is, that participants must solve a number of topics within a limited time period. It may be 6 topics in 6 hours, 12 topics in 12 hours or even 24 topics in 24 hours. Photomarathons are considered to be the ultimate photographic challenge.'

Booking is essential!

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