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No Wales Rally GB in Llandudno 2020

No Wales Rally GB in Llandudno 2020 cover


Looks like there be no Wales Rally GB Llandudno base in 2020.

The Wales Rally GB Website is reporting the below... 

Wales Rally GB, the UK’s round of the globe-trotting FIA World Rally Championship (WRC), will return to its former base in Deeside, Flintshire in autumn 2020 (29 October – 1 November).

The reasons given for the switch back to a Deeside location seem to be due to the date of the Rally and the location.

Hugh Chambers who is the Chief Executive of Motorsport UK is quoted on the website saying...

“However, this is a major World Championship event with a massive global TV audience and, having taken advice from all the experts, the responsible decision has led us back to Deeside for 2020. This is a well-proven option providing the rally with a more suitable geographical location given the time of year.”

The full news article can be read via https://www.walesrallygb.com/wales-rally-gb-returns-to-deeside/

Have to say the news is all a bit disappointing, certainly the visit of Wales Rally GB was a major highlight of 2019 here in Llandudno.



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