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Llandudno Mobile Speed Cameras

Llandudno Mobile Speed Cameras cover

From the website GoSafe  Wales’ speed camera agency, a screengrab of the Llandudno roads where mobile cameras may track your speed.

From the GoSafe website

Every camera within the GoSafe area complies with the Welsh Government (WG) guidance on where cameras can be placed. How and when cameras are deployed depends on the accident history and road safety problem at each location.

Please note: the actual locations for mobile safety camera vans on this map are within the signed area of the site and not specifically where the vans park.

Whilst we try to keep the list of our cameras up to date, please note we may enforce at locations not listed below, for example during operations with a wider road safety objective.

Our mobile camera sites for Core and Community Concern (Exceptional) sites are listed, we also have operational sites which are used for specific road safety issues such as our "20mph rule outside schools" campaign. These are not listed. The vast majority of our mobile enforcement is at our Core and Community Concern (Exceptional) sites

Check out https://gosafe.org/ for more info

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