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Llandudno Mains Water Now Back On

Llandudno Mains Water Now Back On cover

After the most spectacular water main burst today in Llandudno Junction some parts of Llandudno were without a supply of mains water for a few hours.

Welsh Water reaction seems to have been up to the test, phone calls to customers explaining the situation and they even sorted out a free bottled water delivery at Llandudnos Asda car park.

Welsh Water Website has the following advice on the return of water... 

“As supplies begin to return, some customers may notice a slight discoloration of their tap water. This is not unusual after an incident of this nature and should clear within a short period of time.



Todays Burst at Llandudno Junction


Asda Llandudno Car park Delivery

Mains water back on here now in llandudno, hopefully it's now back on your your way as well...

if not check out 



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