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Great Orme Farm On BBC Countryfile - BBC IPlayer

Great Orme Farm On BBC Countryfile - BBC IPlayer cover

Shown last night on BBC 1, its now available on BBC IPlayer for 28 days via the link below


It's at the 35 min point and is approx 7 mins long

'Adam Henson is on a farm on the Great Orme in North Wales, where herdwick sheep are being used to graze on ground where some of the UK's rarest plants can be found'


More info on the rare plants and the farming methods can also be found here on the Plantlife site

The Great Orme is a vast limestone headland on the north Wales coast. Surrounded on three sides by sea and bathed in sunshine, the Great Orme has an exceptionally mild climate which, combined with the lime-rich rock, make it one of the top five sites for rare plants in Britain.


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