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Conwy Council Recycling Catch Up - Video & Data

Conwy Council Recycling Catch Up - Video & Data cover

Conwy Council have just pushed out a recycle catch up, consisting of the latest recycling figures and a video directly from the council's website...

'Recycling in Conwy is up since 4-weekly refuse collections were introduced across the county at the end of September. The new service put recycling at the heart of Conwy County Borough Council’s collections and the benefits are already becoming clear.  Conwy is now recycling more than ever before and sending less to landfill.

Figures comparing the last 3 months of 2018 with the same time period in 2017 show that household recycling is up by 11.5% with an extra 363 tonnes recycled, while refuse is down by 457 tonnes, a 12% reduction.'


4 weekly collections began across the whole county on 24th September 2018. Previously most of the county had a 3-weekly collection, with 10,000 households on a 4-weekly trial.

Figures quoted compare Oct – Dec 2018 with Oct – Dec 2017.

Refuse – decrease of 456.76 tonnes, 12% down on 2017
Recycling – increase of 362.61 tonnes, 11.5% up on 2017
Nappies and incontinence products recycling – 227.1 tonnes collected (not recycled in 2017)


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