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Cineworld Llandudno - This weeks films - 21st June 2018

Cineworld Llandudno - This weeks films - 21st June 2018 cover

The weekly heads up on what's showing at the Llandudno Cineworld cinema...


News Releases


Ocean's 8

Debbie Ocean has been working on the biggest heist of her life for five years, eight months and 12 days, and she knows it going to take the best team to pull it off. With the help of her partner in crime Lou, she sets about recruiting a crew of specialists, a jeweller, a street con artist, a fence, a hacker and a fashion designer. Thier aim is to steal $150 million worth of diamonds that will be worn by a world-famous actress as she attends the Met Gala. Will the team be able to execute the plan flawlessly in plain sight?


Still Showing



When The Graham family matriarch Ellen dies, her daughter and her husband and their two children start to untangle some mysterious and terrifying secrets about their ancestry.  As they discover more and more they find themselves trying to escape the disturbing fate that they seem to have inherited. 


Super Troopers 2

In this long anticipated follow up to the cult comedy classic Super Troopers, everyone's favourite law enforcement team are back. They're called in to set up a new Highway Patrol Station where an international border dispute has erupted between the USA and Canada, resulting in some very unconventional police work


Avengers: Infinity War

Book Club

Deadpool 2

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Solo: A Star Wars Story


Unlimited Club 


Sicario 2: Day of Soldado showing on Wednesday 27th at 20:15

Movies For Juniors


My Little Pony: The Movie 

Sherlock Gnomes


For full details, timings and confirmation of all the above please go to the Cineworld Llandudno webpage...



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