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S4C Llandudno - Am Dro! Pays a Visit - Video

S4C Llandudno - Am Dro! Pays a Visit - Video cover

The upbeat S4C 'Am Dro!' Tv Series paid an enjoyable visit to Llandudno recently.

Am Dro! is a most enjoyable 'reality'' type tv series, it's a sort of a walking version of the C4 'Four in a Bed' series but just that bit better!

Each episode consists of stages where one of the competitors has to take the other 3 competitors on a planned 'local' walk and at the end are marked on how the walk went. This format does works really well delivering some enjoyable television including for those who enjoy walking some interesting welsh walking info.

 Anyway on to the show, this episode was broadcast a week or so ago on S4C. This episode #4 had as part of the competition a Llandudno stage, which involved local lad Gethin.

Gethin had to take the 3 other competitors on his planned Llandudno walk. The walk started at Happy Valley and ended at Angel Bay. An dincluded a picnic at the paddling pool!  Did he do enough to win, well you may have to watch the full episode to find out.

A Youtube video of the Llandudno segment from S4C  is below, however do note that the youtube automatic subtitles are very poor.

If subtitles are needed you will be much better of using the BBC iPlayer version of the show which is on the S4C channel (a link is at the end of the article), and as well as the full Episode 4 you can also catch other Am Dro! episodes.


You catch the whole show and other episodes on BBC iPlayer S4C


Gogarth Fach, Llandudno | Am Dro! | Pennod 4 | Episode 4 | S4C

Mae gan bob un ohonom ein hoff lwybr cerdded sydd, yn ein barn ni, yn cynrychrychioli tirwedd Cymru, boed yn dir diffaith, tir amaethyddol neu yn ddarn o dir mewn dinas. Yn y gyfres hon byddwn yn darganfod llwybrau a lleoliadau gorau Cymru- gan wahodd y bobl sy'n eu hadnabod a'u caru orau i arddangos eu hoff lecynau lleol.

We all have our favourite walking path which we believe represents the landscape of Wales, whether it is derelict land, agricultural land or a piece of land in a city. In this series we discover the best of Wales' routes and locations - inviting the people who know and love them best to display their favourite local parts. 

Link for full episode BBC iPlayer S4C - with official subtitles if needed


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