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Memories of Craig-Y-Don Fair Article

Memories of Craig-Y-Don Fair Article cover

The photo still that was recently featured on this site from the 'Llandudno Gateway To Snowdonia' film clip revived some memories of the long gone 'mini' fair at Craig-Y-Don which led to me stumbling across this on-line article that those of a certain age may find interesting...

The article titled 'Welsh Wonders', is a two part 'Welsh Travelogue' that looks at long gone Welsh fun fairs by Phil Gould, It features his memories and photos of many now long gone Welsh fairs. It was first published in 2006 and it is part of a lengthy article section on the Joyland Books website, which appears to be a major respected fairground/amusement park related website.

Of course given the age of the article, then there is a good chance that you may be already aware of these photos. But if not, they do help fill in some missing memories of just where the fair was located... the garage is the key not the church!

The article also mentions the 'proper' fair (a couple of photos as well) and also briefly talks about the amusement rides on the Pier, remember the 'Around The World'!

Here's a preview clip and the link to the Llandudno related section, though the rest of the two parts of the article is well worth a look, as it does feature the Colwyn Bay fair and train and also Rhyl's fair with a picture of the Mad Mouse! Plus other long gone Welsh seaside fairs are also featured ....

There was a children's Ferris wheel, roundabout, trampolines, swingboats, coin operated mini dodgems and a western stage coach ride on which the stage coach and fake horses travelled round a wigwam. 

This park was revamped at the start of the 70s and I remember a Moon Walk and a square slip arriving. The Moon Walk was one of the type which had a face on it with a big bright yellow nose at the entrance and a blue and yellow top.

Llandudno Section/page

First Part of Welsh Wonders (Llandudno, Rhyl, Colwyn bay etc)

Second Part of Welsh Wonders


Still from 'Gateway To Snowdonia'

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