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Llandudno History Tour - Kindle Preview - John Lawson-Reay

Llandudno History Tour - Kindle Preview - John Lawson-Reay cover

 Llandudno History Tour by John Lawson-Reay - Kindle edition

Llandudno History Tour takes us on a tour of this seaside town, explaining the history behind its well-known landmarks and revealing the former uses of some of Llandudno’s finest buildings.

A historical photo-book on your kindle? How does that work?
Well quite good actually, viewing a book of historic photographs via your kindle (or as is the case here over a kindle mobile phone app) does work a lot better than it may at first sound.

Llandudno History Tour was published in 2015, the recently improved free Kindle preview feature does now offer a chance to have a deeper look at this version. Though do be aware that the Kindle version of this book may differ than the paperback version, as the Kindle version billed as having 60 pages while the paperback has 96 pages.

The Kindle format of this book consists of 45 photo 'chapters'. Each photo 'chapter'  is numbered (1 to 45) and contains the main photo accompanied by an historical account of the photo along with relevant information. This format does lend itself to the task well and the actual format can be viewed below via the kindle preview that follows. 

The photos themselves are as you expect from this sort of book. There are some that you may have seen before but as always there are some which may surprise. There are a few photos that are noted as published for the first time (one of the 'old' Llandudno Pier for example). And of course as we are talking about the kindle format here then each photo can be 'zoomed in' for better details. In fact the whole kindle setup does work smoothly for this type of book,  simple look at the photo read the accompanying text - then tap to the next one, photo,  text... and so on.

Does it beat the 'proper' format, well that is hard to say.  On some levels for sure you can't beat the 'traditional' method of a 'real' book. However with this format, a main advantage is that this book can if you wish always be close at hand via your mobile phone which then does lead to a lot more uses.  Not only the obvious uses such as reading when say on a train journey or stuck in a waiting room. But let's say that you found yourself at one of the many  locations in the book whilst out on a unplanned walk? Well with a few taps on your phone, you could have both the means to compare the current landscape with the long gone view.

Llandudno History Tour is available in both Kindle and Paperback formats. See below to view the free Kindle Preview

Publisher: Amberley Publishing (13 May 2015)

Author   John Lawson-Reay . Chairman of the Llandudno & Colwyn Bay History Society, local history lecturer and a trustee of the Llandudno Museum

Pricing at Amazon Uk
Kindle Edition £4.79 Paperback  £6.99


Kindle Preview - Use the 'Free Preview' button to view

Kindle Preview - Use the 'Free Preview' button above to view

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