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Great Orme Copper Mines History - Major Breakthrough

Great Orme Copper Mines History - Major Breakthrough cover

Great Orme Copper Mine - Older, bigger and longer.

Recently reported research looks like it's leading to significant changes on how the history of the Great Orme is perceived. Billed as 'a major breakthrough' the research is leading to a revised look at the history of the ancient Llandudno's copper mines...

Basically the story is that due to new metal 'fingerprinting' techniques, researchers are now able to 'track' where, when and what happened to all the mined Great Ormes copper metal.

This 'fingerprinting' tracking of the metal has led to evidence that the Great Ormes Copper mining operations were started a lot earlier than first thought. 1,700 - 900 BC and a lot larger as well. In fact the mine looks like it could have been the most important copper mine in Britain for many centuries, with a full time mining community. There's also evidence that the metal from the mine was being traded long distance over much of Northern Europe.

...research that provides evidence that Great Orme was the focus of Britain's first mining boom, c. 1600–1400 BC, probably involving a full-time mining community and the wide distribution of metalwork from Brittany to Sweden...

The full report is available from Antiquity Journal, DOI: https://doi.org/10.15184/aqy.2019.130

While the report is also covered in depth, in a more media friendly manner complete with images etc on The Ancient Origins website, the link follows..



Photo © Alan Simkins (cc-by-sa/2.0)

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